Mining/PvE/Indi corp located in Caldari Space. Horizon Group

Daily Bump o/

Daily bump

Daily Bump o/

What section of space are you operating out of?

We are located in The Forge. Feel free to contact me ingame or in the pub channel we have :slight_smile:

Daily Bump o/

Another day, another bump. Join our public channel or contact me for any questions you have!

Bumps o/

Daily Bump o/ Updated new contact peoples

Daily bump - 19 members \o/

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Daily Bump o/

Friendly bump for what I believe is a friendly corporation.

25 members o/ Few more and recruitment will be closed for awhile.

Bump o/ Updated post

Interested. Played for about 6 months a few years ago. Jumped back on and got ganked for my retriever mining high sec :slight_smile: fortunately it was insured.

Not sure how all this works, how do I get in touch or join? I’ll be on in about 4 hours.

Sent you a message ingame :slight_smile:

Bump bump o/

Hi there,
I saw that you guys were recruiting. I figured I’d give you a free bump while also promoting our services
to corps like yours.
Simply click the link and if you would like to get into sleeper ratting, we are happy to help.


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