LF C2/C3 PvE/Indy Wormhole Corp

My friend and I are looking for a community to join and be part of. We recently moved into a C2 freeport with our tiny corporation, but we’re wanting to shut it down and move over to a larger corp. We primarily run C2 PvE sites while also huffing gas, mining ore and doing PI.

I’ll have an alt with me and I think my friend will bring just his one character.

Warbirds might be of use to you, we have 0% tax Sotiyo/Tatara structures, so you can do some amazing industry, and we can help you krab C3 sites of course, but we can get you involved in C5 wormhole stuff if you want.

If your interested, come join our public Discord and talk with us.

Hit me up in game or Its_Stunt in discord :slight_smile: we are a tightknit group of C4-C2/C5 wormholers who love crabbing and content. Our C2 content goes unused (outside of maybe gas) so youd have plenty of sites to go after, while at the same time getting aid in building up to C5s, one of the highest forms of Eve content :slight_smile: