C2 Worm hole Corp Dark Matter Exploration LF you US/EU/AUZ time zone

We are a wormhole corp that is recruiting. Several of us are experienced players who are teaming up to build a new corp for wormhole exploration. We are happy to teach new pilots and looking for a few additions to our leadership team. We have access to fresh content and ISK. New Player Friendly!!!

  • C2 class home with access to larger content

  • Corp level pvp / pve operations

  • Specialized Blops activity’s

  • Great isk making opportunity’s

  • TS/Discord/WH mapping

  • New Triglavian content Exploration

Retired Veteran run and operated

Drop by discord and have a chat or shoot me an eve mail

Donkey punch

Got a recruit today looking for more

Falcon Punch

Hey dude, what kind of fleets do you do?

small gang 3-6 fleets we are 1 on 1 when it comes to knowing how each other fight !

what does 1 on 1 mean?

me and you :slight_smile:

Hey man your discord link seems to be expired

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