**C2 Wormhole Corp looking for a few new members**

We are a small, casual Corp based in our own Wormhole. We are English speaking, EU timezone players.

We are looking to expand by around 3 new members so that we can carry out larger ops and make the most of the assets we have in game.

What we offer:
- Sole occupants of a C2 Wormhole with static Hi-Sec and C3.
- Astrahaus.
- Casual, friendly environment.
- We try to make the most of what our wormhole has to offer and do everything from PVP and PVE through to gas mining when viable.
- No mandatory ops. Cherry pick what you want to take part in.

What we’re looking for:
- Active but casual players.
- Ability to fly a remote rep Dominix (or willing to train for one quick-time).
- Ability to fly Covert Ops frigates/Stealth Bombers.
- Willing to engage in PVP.
- No minimum SP requirement, but good fitting and armour skills are a must.

Kill-Board: https://www.zkillboard.com/corporation/98379007/

Contact RAZUEL LYRIX or Gyfrex ingame or join ‘‘Polsi Recruitment’’ Channel.



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