Established C2 Wormhole Corp seeking new members for PvP and PvE

Z3R0 Return Mining Inc. was founded over seven years ago as an environment for friends to meet and enjoy some of the best content in New Eden in a (mostly) family-friend and (always) no drama way.

We live in a C4 and a C2 wormhole and take advantage of all that wormholes offer: Site running; Shooting people; even gas and ore mining, PI, manufacture and research.

We offer corporate buy-out programs for PI, salvage, ore and gas and have regular roams through WH space and lowsec.

We are looking for mature and relaxed players who want to experience the best part of New Eden, enjoy time with friends and challenge themselves a little as well.

If you have never lived in WH space and are curious, we are happy to teach you. See below for minimum skills.

Join “IOS Recruitment” in game.

Timezone: Currently mostly UK / EU TZ with a growing presence in the US.


  • Spirit of adventure.
  • Willingness to PvP. We don’t mind a little “red” on our killboards
  • Ability to warp cloaked - Stratios, T3 Cruiser or Covops frigate.
  • Good scanning skills and willing to use them (Astrometrics to 4, other Astrometric skills to 3).
  • Full API and TS interview required.

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