C2 wormhole corp recruiting

Do you want to be part of a friendly corp with semi-big aspirations?
We venture in WH and LS.

What we offer:

  • A social environment on comms (Discord)
  • The understanding that real life comes first
  • A freedom to pursue all activities in EVE
  • A laid back environment where you are free to grow on your own terms
  • Our own C2 Wormhole with hookers and blackjack
  • Regular PVP fleets in Low/Null-sec
  • Moon mining and construction options
  • No tax and a buyback program
  • Old time players with lots of indepth knowledge


  • Omega and over 5mil SP
  • A genuine interest in the corp and its social life
  • Discord and a mic

Where we’re going in the near future as a corp:

  • Main goal is to grow in membersize to around 25/30 active members
  • Soon to join an alliance with old time friends for more pvp action
  • Upgrading from a C2 to a C4 WH

Questions? Ask a recruiter

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