ISO C2-C3 Wormhole corp

Looking for a mature corp whos general interests lie in fleet or group PVE wormhole activity mixed in with some exploration, gas huffing and PVP. I am in the US time zone but am often on during the day so EU time zones work well too. Mostly I am looking for more group interaction while playing eve. I have found with most corps its a group of guys doing stuff solo and would prefer something more social. I am Omega and have 6.5mil skill points mostly in scanning, gas huffing, and ship command to run a Praxis.

Discord - OnebarLeft
In game - V’Exler Calgari

O7 WE have exactly what you are looking for!! We live in a C2 with HS/C3 static are a very social groups and run combat and gas sites in a group, and take on pvp if it comes our way. If you have any more question jump on our discord or message Tytus Kyle in game.

Thanks I will keep you in mind. Sounds like a good fit unfortunately I just joined a corp and feel like I should give them a shot. I will keep your info though

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