Social infrastructure the okayest pvp ever, staged in worm hole space. Main focus is PVP, and ways to pay for our PVP addiction. Vertrain and new player recruitment open

Social infrastructure the okayest pvp Corp ever. Is looking to take on new recruits, If this is your fist time in eve or starting up your 3rd account, we welcome you to join.

We are not a in mega alliance that can offer you the galaxy. But you will not be just another number lost in the abyss of a 30,000 player alliance, nothing wrong with that, I have been in them in the past and they are fun. Not that I have lowered your expectations. We will tell you about ourselves, alliance, and what we can offer.

We are based out of a C2 worm hole with a high sec, and C3 static. So what does this mean? It means that Logistics are relatively easy with the constant connection to high-security space. On our C3 side of things we have decent, and constant ISK making. If you’re looking to try wormholes for the first time or love living in them but hate scanning down long complicated chains we are a great option.

The corp is focused on PVP’s and activities in the game that will help us pay for our PVP endeavors.

But when we feel like taking a quick break from the Wormhole life. We like to take part in the many other activities available to alliance members. Our alliance Stay Feral. Is a community-driven organization made up from Eve pilots from all facets of playstyle.

Benefits of joining!!

  • a wormhole to call your own able to dock up in the Citadel of Rick’s. Yes most of us do watch Rick and Morty sorry about that…
  • Public corporation hangers full of useful ships to help get you started, and us stock up
  • A active and fun Discord
  • availability to Alliance Ops, including low, and null sec PVP roam, black Ops, moon mining if you’re into that.
    -Wormhole buy back program to get you quick ISK form your loot. Thats also help fund our ship replacement program “SRP"
  • training fleets. If you’re new or getting back into the game and need to knock the rest off. these will help.

So quick recap to cut through all the BS. We live in a warm hole cuz it’s fun and interesting. We like to PVP, wormholes can not only offer spbp but a way to pay for it. We are a pretty tight-knit mature community.

If you have anymore questions join our recruitment Discord or message Tytus Kyle game.



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