Social infrastructure the okayest pvp Corp ever. New player training corp for PVP/PVE with a high sec base to get you ready for our sov null. Fun player community where the real world comes first

There’s something special about that community feel. That sense of belonging and fellowship. In Social Infrastructure, we aim to amplify this feeling for all of our members… by shooting things in space of course.

But whether you wish to shoot other players, shoot rats, shoot asteroids, or shoot… blueprints(?), we’ve got a space for you.

We’re also a part of Stay Feral, a HS/LS PvP alliance located in Amarrspace. Our corporation is the largest in the alliance, and we welcome you to join. We understand that the red dots on your map can be intimidating. Null security space can be scary. But you’ll be around plenty of people to help you out.

Housing completely new players to veterans, our corporation is tucked away in a cozy part of worm hole, and high sec space. Not only that, but we offer a medium-sized community of players that enjoy Eve in a low drama environment.

But make no mistake.

Although we’re just getting our boots strapped on, our dreams are galaxy-wide. Come join us and accomplish your goals alongside us.

Social Infrastructure takes pride in bringing in new players and showing them the ropes no matter what path they choose in Eve. From skill plans to training fleets we can offer you loads. Although most of our members are in Worm hole space, we have a high sec area as well. Enjoy great mining, research, and industry opportunities to support the war effort of Stay Feral!

Benefits of joining:

-Loaner PvP and mining ships to all members of the corp. Just be fair!
-A tight knit community of knowledgeable players who are always willing to share tips and more.
-Presence in both Worm hole and high security space!
-Shipping network to help you get moved into the area.
-High and LS sec mining fleets.
-Abyss running for ISK.
-Tons of action and fun to be had.
-Plenty of laughs and fun on comms.
-Beginner friendly

But we have plenty of space for veteran players as well.

If you’re a veteran player or returning to the game after a break, we have plenty of advanced PvP gameplay, especially in our WH, and LS, and trips out to null we’ve got it. And you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shoot things with other advanced corporations in the Alliance and within our network.

If you have any questions or want to talk it over feel free to Eve mail Tytus Kyle in game. You can also hop into our alliance Discord to say hi!

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Good group for sure!



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