Social infrastructure USTZ-PVP

Social infrastructure the okish pvp corp in eve

Social infrastructure is a pvp focus corp primarily playing in us time zone. IRL all ways comes first. We have a fun tight-nit community. Most of us have families and careers, so when we are in game we are there to have fun. We would rather take a unfavorable fight then just dock up.

When we are not doing nano, small gang, gate camps or fleet pvp. We are out doing things to pay for our pvp. Ratting, mining, we have great moons, and sometimes will run trig Filiments together.

If your new to pvp but been looking to dip your toes. We have o but of experience pvper that love to help show people the ropes. Do some training on request, and have a new fc training program.

If you have made it this far feel free to jump on our discord, and ask any questions you mite have.

What we can offer
-IRL comes first
-ship replacement on PvP fleets
-IRL comes first
-A tie-nit community
-ship replacement on PvP fleets
-Null SEC rating to pad your wallet
-Rich moon mining operations
-Skill training plans
-Null SEC rating to pad your wallet
-New play training programe, and support. To show you how to hit the ground running! free ships, training fleets, mentoring

-5 million skill points
-working microphone
-Download Discord
-Download Mumble

Our disocrd jump in, say hi, and we answer anyquestionsyoumitehave.

In game recrutment channel - Si WTJ