Social Infrastructure USTZ NULL PVP and more, new player friendly

First off IRL comes first, this is a game after all.

If you’re wanting to try, nullsec sov for the first time or get back into it we got the ships in place. Our mainstay is PvP in the USTZ. (All other ZT welcome). If that’s not your jam no worries, we still got all the nullsec indy stuff to keep you occupied, and infrastructure in place. Not to mention those juicy moons.

We’re not a large block Nullsec alliance or have a bunch of ties to other groups. We are independent and don’t pay rent! We have carved out ourselves a little piece of heaven down in the southeast. We have very active coms every night, and we take care of our own.

Newer players
One of our primary focuses is recruiting and training newer players, or those looking to dip their toes into nullsec life. We have mentors, training fleet, skill plans, and ships. To help you hit the ground running, and enjoy eve to its fullest.

Returning/Veteran players
Our big brother corp “Into the either” is full of experience players, we participate in all aspects of Eve from small gang roams, blops, bigger fleet fights, moon mining, and dropping caps.

What we can offer
-IRL comes first
-active coms
-ship replacement on PvP fleets
-Null SEC rating to pad your wallet
-Rich moon mining operations
-Regular in person training fleets covering all aspects of eve.
-New play training program
-Skill training plans
-A tie-nit community
-new pirate FW
-Jump Freighter service

-4 million skill points
-working microphone
-Download Discord
-Download Mumble

Our disocrd jump in, say hi, and we can show you what we have to offer - Social Infrastructure<<<discord link
In game recrutment channel - Si WTJ

:milky_way: Social Infrastructure - Where Legends Are Born, and Empires Are Forged! :rocket:



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