Social infrastructure, New player training corp for PVP/PVE based out of low security space. Fun player community where the real world comes first

Social infrastructure, The okayest pvp Corp ever. Is looking to take on new recruits, If this is your fist time in eve or starting up your 3rd account we welcome you to join.

We are not a in mega alliance that can offer you the galaxy. But you will not be just another number lost in the abyss of a 30,000 player alliance, nothing wrong with that, I have been in them in the past and they are fun. Not that I have lowered your expectations.

Now operating close to jita!

What we can offer is a small community of people that enjoy playing eve in a low drama environment, I would like to say no drama but this is eve after all… This will be our first round of recruits for the newly formed corp but far from our first time showing players how to make it in eve and all the ups and downs that go into that. We will be looking for 10 to 20 player for this first groups. We don’t want to take on more then we can chew, and not give everyone the attention they disserve. We are based out of low sec and like to PVP, but if PVP is not necessarily your thing. Don’t worry we still have something to offer you. We are all so starting up low sec mining, run PVE sites and scan and run data and relic sites. None of these are a bad ways for new player to make isk in eve.

If you join feel free to take your time getting to know eve a little bit play threw the tutorials, and try some career mission. We will be here waiting for you when your readyBenefits of joining
-Training fleets 1 to 2 times a week “more if you see the need” on all facets of eve game play
-Free PVP and mining frigates to all members of the corp “just don’t abuse the system”
-A tight nit community of knowledgeable players
-shipping network to help get you moved into the area and well supplied
-Low security space looks scary and it can be, but there is a lot of fun to be had and when you learn a thing or two. Its just another day in the neighborhood.

If you have any question or want to talk it over feel free to eve mail Tytus Kyle in game.

Hope in our alliance and say hi! Stay Feral

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These are good folks to fly with!!

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Recently joined! Great group, having a lot of fun! Come check us out!!


I sent you an in game msg about the alliance.

Hey, I don’t see a message in my inbox?

Hit me up on discord!!

Doughboy61/LINDDIESEL [BELZ]#4150

Hey I don’t see a message hit me up n discord

Doughboy61/LINDDIESEL [BELZ]#4150

Good old bump time

Great group of pilots and we’re gaining momentum! Stop in Discord and check us out!


We are still looking for new and veteran pilots alike

Time to play bumper cars


We are still recruiting growing fast and ready to take on new members


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