Social Infrastructure wants you! PVP corp in FW "galmil", looking for pilots with the right attitude

Hi, Im the CEO and founder of Social Infrastructure. I’m also the host of a podcast on Twitch, called Social Infrastructure. The recent changes with Uprising have pumped new life into Faction Warfare and our corporation is looking to grow its numbers and find fun fights with the launch of the new FW mechanics and changes to the meta. We are actively looking for new and veteran players. Our main mission is to build a home in space where we can have fun with friends while participating in PvP in a mature atmosphere. We need all sorts of players to help us achieve our goals, from brand new players to veterans. Here’s what we are looking for, and what we can offer:

New Pilots - we are not too concerned with your skill points or knowledge of the game. It’s far more important that you have the sort of attitude where you want to try things out and want to learn to play this great game that we love. We’ve all been newbros, and we know what it’s like. Our main aim is to get you stuck in quickly, having fun, and fighting alongside us while helping you to learn the essentials. New pilots also get access to a free ship hangar that is meant to help get you over the fear of loss, and back into space quickly should you suffer a loss.

Experienced Pilots - Are you looking for something more out of Eve? Not sure how to go beyond being another F1 pilot, anchoring up and riding like a passenger in the sea of a 15,000 man alliance? We can offer you a place where your individual impact may be far more significant and important to the group’s cause. Or, maybe you’re tired of flying alone and want to start doing things in a small gang. Or, maybe you’ve become a little bored of PvE and industry and want to branch out into PvP. We have something to offer you too! We often run nano fleets, that rely on individual skills and knowledge to stay alive, where we can hit above our weight class, and where you can try out different fleet roles in a friendly environment.

Things we expect:
• You to be able to get on voice comms regularly. We are building a community and love to hang out when we’re playing. We want all our members to be a part of that.
• You to join in on roams and participate in Faction Warfare with us while also remembering to keep things classy and chill.

Things we offer:
• Free T1 ships, Living away from Jita is honestly not that hard, when you’ve got friends.
• Always something to do! Content that consists of contesting Faction Warfare sites, yeet fleets, hitting ESS banks. • Fun small-gang PVP roams, and nano gang fleets.
• A fun, mature community, so you can make some space friends and take a break from The Real World. We’re a laid back crew and prefer a more chill environment over a hardcore one.
• A well-run Discord and back-end infrastructure already set up, to make playing easier.

If you have any questions, contact Tytuss Kyle in game, or join our Discord and say hi! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Social Infrastructure


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