C2 Wormhole Corp Looking for players like you!

We are a c2 With a static ns/c5 We shoot ■■■■. We do what we want and have fun.
What we can offer-
SRP for fleets
A generally good time

What we require
https://ss.shutupiamtrying.xyz/ auth here and use the connector bot to join discord and tag @recruiter :slight_smile:

We are a c2 ns/c5 alliance yes you may have your own hole if you please. All we ask is that all members seat and be in alliance discord :slight_smile:
What we can offer your corp
Engaging activity
SRP on alliance ops
Butt touching

What we dont allow
Not allowing for a prostate exam
Not authing

https://ss.shutupiamtrying.xyz/ Join here use the connector and tag @recruiter :stuck_out_tongue:

Merged you two Recruitment Post because one Post per Corp should be enough.

Sir one was for alliance and one was for corp with the same type of ad

Okay, sorry in this case. The text was mostly the same and there were no names mentioned so I assumed that it was two posts about the same thing.
You might want to clarify the wording a bit and mention the names of the corp or alliance in the respective posts so that there is no confusion in future posts.

In this case it is of course allowed to create 2 posts, so feel free to create a new one.

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