Small WH (pulsar c3) corp looking for pioneers

We are not just looking for anyone, we are looking specifically for YOU, to share with the lucrative wormhole lifestyle!

Are you:
★ A english speaker?
★ Active on EU tz?
★ Interested in multiple activities in eve?
★ Tired of being a f1 monkey?
★ Looking for meaningful relationships with the people that play eve?

If you answered yes, this is the ideal corp for you!

About me:
★ Experienced leader in/out of game
★ Mature/responsible individual
★ Advanced exploration/scouting/transport ship experience/skills
★ Available to play seven days/week, starting right after downtime for a few hours

Contact me for more info and thanks for your interest!

Still looking!

Still looking!

Still looking!

eu tz???

can I join pls

We have up grated to a c3 pulsar! Contact me in game for more info!

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