Small But Advanced Industrial Alliance Looking for Mining Corp

Join Syndicate. Alliance - Your Gateway to Thriving Mining Opportunities!

Are you a small, driven and motivated mining corporation seeking new opportunities? Look no further! Syndicate. Alliance is your key to unlocking lucrative mining prospects across High-Sec, Low-Sec, and even the uncharted realms of J-Space.

We’re on the lookout for dedicated miners who take their place in the EVE universe seriously. Those that are looking to improve their fleet operations, mine more valuable ores, and be a part of something larger than the sum of its parts. We offer access to:

• HS Moon Ores
• LS Moon Ores
• Secure Access to J-Space Asteroid Belts
• 90% Jita Buy-price Buyback Program
• Discounted Barges, Exhumers, and Orcas

At Syndicate., we honor corporate individuality. Maintain your unique corporate identity while tapping into higher-value ores and forging prosperous relationships within our extensive network.
Join our close-knit social community and collaborate with a team of devoted industrialists.

Connect with us through Discord for more details! Let’s shape the future of mining together!

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