Looking for serieus mining corperations

o/ Hello Good pilots of new Eden,

We are looking for a few serieus mining corperations that are willing to
mine in nullsec.

Our group is in Winterco, and we can offer your corp or crew:

=> Relaxed enviorment to work in
=> No obligations as long as your on the team
+> mining of belts and moons, profided to you by the team.
=> Exelent buyback
=> Free use of our TS server and ofcourse access to the coalition mumble
=> Beeing part of a bigger team, while you build up your corp
=> fill pockets with ISK in the process

If your a mining corp, feel free to contact me for a chat.
No this is not a fancy recruit add, we look for like minded groups.

See you in space!

Still looking!

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