Mine everything and get paid for it

We are Pints and Prospectors, And We are recruiting ORE, GAS, ICE and Moon miners! We offer a quiet HS tucked away for mining, A C4 for gas and Anoms, Our null sec corp has moon mining. Our corp was founded on the idea of having everything available under one roof so you dont have to change friends just to try something new Flying alone SUCKS, come join a corp that values its members over everything else!
We offer
Corp Buy Back on everything You Mine in fleets or solo
HS , C4 or Null
Blueprint Library
Corp Fleets with Ships provided
Mining boost in HS and our WH
Friendly Corp First attitude
And a lot more
Stop by our in game channel PR-UN or hit us up Pints & Prospectors

Hello there,
Is the corp also doing Moon mining?


We are not right now. All the good goo is taken in our area.

I tried the DCord link, but it is no longer active.

Thanks I forgot to repost it… Come say Hi!

HS WH and NS miners needed

Miners needed

Come Make Some ISK

What time zone are you active in?

Heya @Gynger_Sparks - could you DM me on Discord? MrJ4zzy

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