15mil sp pilot wanting to get into Minmatar FW

Hey ive got the itch so bad to be either 100% pirate or go FW for the minmatar i dont care about isk or LP i just want kills and to have fun. fromt he time i log in to whenever not to be waiting for hours for a fleet op in null or zeg blob and not have enough logi to help… or with ppl who dont speak the same language as i do …english. so im looking for a very active player FW corp mainly minmatar but might try others thanks for the advice ahead of time…

same here im also looking for a FW corp heard minmatar was a good spot so if any minmatar FW corp can send me a message i’d appreciate it.

I’m not active in the southern warzone, but Ushra’Khan has some interesting goals coming up that sound very exciting. Good luck and fly well.


Ushra’Khan is indeed recruiting : thanks Oreb Wing for linking our propaganda !

We are a PVP Faction Warfare Matari Alliance. We basically PVP all day and all night long. The good thing about FW is that you don’t have to worry about finding pvp content.

That said we run small gang/roams everyday inside the alliance or with allied alliances ( we have a dedicated channel for joint fleets).

The Homestead Campaign was indeed fun in provi, us vs powerblocks 100 times our size. Our next goal is of course to regain the warzone in our beloved low-sec warzone but we are thinking for the future to create some more contents like this campaign.

Our corp “Kill’Em All, Let Bob Sort’Em all” is recruiting and is opened to newbros. You can find the full add below : fly reckless !

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