15msp toon for sale has now been sold, transfer underway, thread closed

(Root Canals) #1


I have had this toon as salvage alt for years, he seems to have some teeth, but his future is up to you.

All his stuff is good, no kill rights, wallet is fine, located in .9 empire system just a jump away from markets, probably has implants but I will confirm and re-post if EB doesn’t show them.

As of the time of this post he has dropped roles and is in 24 hour timer to drop corp.

All CCP CT rules apply without exception.

He is a good little toon.

EDIT: He has +3 implants in slots 1,2,3 and 4 and one remap available.

48 hour auction.

b/o = one hundred billion iskies :slight_smile:

(Perpetualed) #2

10 billion.

(Maizie Fields) #3

10.5 bil

(Sisa Amatin) #4

10.7 b

(Beekillrz) #5


(Miss Nasty1) #6

none retracted sorry

(Root Canals) #7

Roles dropped, thank you for bidding, 24 hours to go or 13b b/o
please reply to post as I may not be in game.

(Miss Nasty1) #8

13b b/o

Miss Nasty1

(Miss Nasty1) #9

13b b/o

(Root Canals) #10

i accept 13b buy out.

I just woke up so give me 30 minutes to square my head away before I start pressing more buttons…

(Miss Nasty1) #11

LOL ok

(Root Canals) #12

you can send acct info if you want, but still havent had coffee…

(Miss Nasty1) #13

Miss Nasty1

isk on way, what else you need?

(Root Canals) #14

in game and set to transfer,

(Miss Nasty1) #15

13b sent

(Root Canals) #16

isk rec’d, please convo in game

(Root Canals) #17

Okay, he should be on his way to you now, 10 hour timer has started, if there are issues of any sort, please contact me through the character I mentioned in the in game convo, thank you for your purchase and I hope you enjoy, fly safe mate O/

(system) #18

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