167m SP returning player looking for industrial corp

Not sure how much of an asset I can be but let’s give this a go.

I’m UK based. Used to play a lot back in the day, keen to have another go but I’m probably a bit rusty with whatever new systems have come in the last few years. I can fly most Gallente ships up to a carrier but I’m rubbish at PVP. I have skills up to the gills in industry, science and trade and that’s what I like to do most. I’ll mine as required.

I can finance ships etc myself, don’t need any handouts. I’d quite like to help out with build jobs, ferrying things about, that type of thing so if you need someone with skills in that area maybe I can be of use to you. I’m happy to do PVE/ratting/missions etc, I’m OK at that. I don’t really care if it’s high, low or null sec, or WH space.

I’m old and cynical and like a pint. Importantly, I usually can’t use a mic to play so if you need me on Discord all the time or whatever I can’t normally do that (the wife is usually here and she’ll moan if I’m chatting with people while she’s watching TV and what have you).

Anyway, shout here or in-game if you’re interested. I can provide my API key as necessary. Thanks.

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Have a read, we’re grownups (mostly) pretty laid back, and we do all sorts of Industrial stuff. Resolve to Join a Better Corp. Evian Industries is Recruiting. (Indy, HS, NRDS Null)

There’s a link too our public Discord channel if you’d like to chat more.

Best of luck with the search,

Arthur D.

@Adam_Reed We are UK/US TZ WH corp living in a C4. Older/Mature corp with a range of players from age to SP. We do alot of indy and pve/pvp and have excellent infrastructure for all tasks. Our CEO is really big into indy and would be an excellent resource. Plus we would be interested in corp buy back/hauling. Almost perfect PI just missing Oceanic and access to C3/C4/C6 ratting/gas sites plus 2% tax. Reach out on discord if wanted or in game. I’ll shoot you a mail to get things rolling and we’ll see if where the value add can be. Fly safe and good luck with your search.

-Talon Karda

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Krypted Gaming is looking for quality, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity, and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players. We live in the nullsec region of Deklein, and are proud members of SLYCE.

We aim to be,

  • Tight Knit (~40-50 actual humans)
  • Highly active (88.5% of our members are online daily)
  • Top Contributors in PvP & Industry (top 3 for monthly alliance fleet participation)
  • Knowledgable & Approachable (tons of guides on our website)

Whether you are a new player or veteran, we are looking for team players who want to contribute to a community. All of our members are active, decent human beings (except our corporate Grandpa, Helltrek) with lives outside of the game. Given that, we also have plenty of memes!

Monthly Krypted Updates
Fleet Commander Logs
EVE Online Guides

Come chat with us in our Discord!


We’re a small, Null sec, EU corp - relaxed RL comes first gang.

Primarily we mine and build big ships - carriers/faux/dreads etc so mining, hauling and building is all part of us.

Because it’s Null we also PvP but that can be fun once you get invested into it as well. We’ve just gone aggressive against another group in an attempt to stop them beating up our friends (that’s our side of the story anyway!)

Anyways - contact me in game or on here if you want to know more ?


I’ve eve-mailed you.

Lets chat.



Hello Adam,

Ordo Drakonis is a EU pvp corp settled in Tribute part of Mercenary Coalition. We are mostly looking for PVPers, or people to turn into PVPers :slight_smile: either way we always welcome cool relaxed dudes that just want to enjoy all aspects of the game.

Here you can find out more about Ordo Drakonis, we also invite you to our public channel “Ordo United” for a quick chat.


please contact us ingame or join our public channel:

I Think You Would Be A Great Asset To The New Order

We can train you for pvp and we have plenty of UK players too!

Newest video:


Dirt ‘n’ Glitter is a PvP oriented corporation serving in the Caldari militia in faction warfare. We offer content and fleets to eager PvPers at any SP range.

What we offer

  • Strong US TZ presence

  • FCs that will actually remember your name

  • An environment not dominated by obsession with kb stats

  • Regular roams - typically brawly armor droneboat comps

  • Dank memes, which we share with all of new eden in local

  • Stratops with and against other local lowsec corporations

  • The good word of our goddess Kesha

  • Did I mention dank memes?

  • Slack with in excess of 200 pepe emotes

  • 100% SRP for doctrine logi

  • 50% SRP for doctrine DPS

What we’re looking for

  • Strong independent pilots (or corporations) looking for gudfights

  • Unwavering loyalty to Kesha

Join our pub channel dirtnglitter for more recruitment info or contact Mikal Vektor, Commander Sertan, Thov, or FallenDream09 in game.

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