175 mil sp player looking for a home

Hey SgtTindra,

Would like to chat about SBBAL recruiting. We live in Malpais and have lots of PVP/PVE content whether you need isk to blow up or just to blow things up.

I’ll ship you an evemail in game with a discord link so if you’re interested shoot me a message here in game or on discord.

Milli o7

GriMM Hounds is a USTZ PvP corp that offers a easy going atmosphere. Most of us are 10yr + vets and value small gang PvP. No alarm clock ops, no BS politics just plain ol’ sim~pole fun. We have much in the ways of ISK making and a good home and alliance to root into. Come look for me if your interested!

Pub chan: Grimm Public

Hey man, welcome back to the game. What exactly are you looking for in a home? If you’re interested in high class wormhole space, check out No Vacancies. Take a look at our recruitment post and join our Discord if you want to chat or have any questions.

Bokbok @SgtTindra ,

I’d love for you to come into our discord sometime to talk about Fweddit http://discord.fweddit.space/

My corp runs Free Range Chikuns, our small and independent poultry loving US/Late EU NS/LS alliance that does daily fun blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights.

Anyways, come into discord so we can chat, and ask for me, nivlac hita (CEO, Discord ID @niv#5061). Even if you’re unsure or already have another corp, we do lots of public roams and just like to chit chat on our discord. If I’m not on, ask for my lovely assistants by typing @Human Resources.

Fweddit ad’s and KB for reference

A-NI is all about stupid fun, shitty memes and getting the most enjoyment out of EVE, all the while specializing in high-skill PVP and fighting outnumbered.


What we offer:

  • Training, help, and experience for pilots of all skill levels
  • “Serious fun” small fleets
  • Highly active core members (EU/US)
  • An opportunity to grow with an expanding corporation

What you need:

  • Full ESI for all toons
  • Discord, TS3 & Microphone
  • Minimum 5,000,000 SP + Omega
  • Desire to always improve and help others to do the same
  • Good sense of humor and being able to handle a little ■■■■-talking


Our Killboard

We specialise in fighting outnumbered and flying unorthodox ship comps and fits, currently living in a warzone with little support. Presently we’re engaged in a warzone with other small to medium sized alliances. We’re fighting for an opportunity to set up shop in nullsec once more.

If you’re interested in joining us on this mad crusade, simply contact one of us below or join the in-game channel “Ex-Paradigrn”:

  • Ninja Uitoh (EUTZ, CEO), Discord: Ninja Uitoh#3170, u/ninjawarriorfmia
  • oskar94 (EUTZ, Director)
  • Wildkins (USTZ, Director), Discord: Wildkins#8123, u/JohnWildkins
  • Joakim Tankson (EU TZ, Director), /u/Roguealicious
  • Krevidy (EUTZ, Recruiter), /u/Krevidy

Our discord:

TSSOC offer all aspects of Null life. Laid back no BS.

Come have a look

Pvp daily and get paid for it. Build in the best indy structures New Eden has to offer. Make ISK, get rich, get kills, FIGHT GOONS, have FUN! Talk to us on our Running with Wolves [.PACK] discord: https://discord.gg/Gk79xWU

I kow we can sort you out …come have a chat with us. details can be found listed bellow mate to give you a broad idea of our activities.

ive sent you a message in game mate, bwill220

Hello @SgtTindra and welcome back to the game that we hate to love.

We are a SUPER Active WH Corp/Alliance that would love to hear from you. If you get a chance, take a closer look at who and what we are in space.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

Hi @SgtTindra,

If you want to get up to speed again, I’d like to suggest operating out of low-sec, where you can get all the benefits of improved resources and access to PvP without being buried deep in null-sec territory.

The Voidstalker Heresy is currently recruiting both PvP and industrial pilots. We run small-gang tactical fleets to ensure that content feels engaging. If PvP is not your thing, we have a strong industrial infrastructure that would allow you to mine quality moon ores, low-sec ice, and gas clouds to support all of your invention, Tech II production, and drug manufacturing needs. If missions are more your speed, we have access to several L5 agents.

I’d like to invite you to check out our ad and our board and come have a chat with us if and when it suits you. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Hello there:

Welcome back to Eve Online! We are seeing a number of veteran and returning players to the game since the various updates.

If I may, what exactly are you looking for in a corporation?

I represent Cerberus Assembly, a high sec mining and industry corporation based in Amarr space. Many of our members are not strictly miners or industrialsts, choosing to operate in a variety of fields.

If this interests you, feel free to contact myself or join our public chat channel listed in our advert.

Hope all is well,

James Vincenta
Director of HR, Marketing, and Commerce
Cerberus Assembly

Jesus ■■■■. All these offers. We have a small C5 wormhole corp. Small gang stuff, USTZ… we’d want to talk to you an all that before just bringing you in. But if you want to know more, reach out ingame or ping me for discord.

You should consider joining Mecha Enterprises Fleet! We’re the high SP USTZ corp and a founding member of the Federation Uprising alliance, which is a Nullsec PVP alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment FEDUP Public Discord:

Flaming Fist Rising was formed in 2013 by a few friends and went strong for sometime. It is now being revived by both old leadership and some new alike.

Who We Are

✦ A Revived Corporation Looking To Carve A New Name In Nullsec

✦ Member Of VINDICTIVE & Winter Coalition

✦ Great Community Who Love Space & Big Ideas

✦ Members Looking To Be Apart of Make Eve History

✦ Small But Ambitious Group

What We Offer

✦ Solo / Small Gang PVP

✦ Large Scale Fleet PVP With Coalition (Go To WAR)
✦ Ship Replacement Program (For Corp Ops)

✦ Manufacturing & Industry Structures

✦ Upgraded Asteroid Belts & Combat Sites (Thanks to Nullsec ADMs)

✦ Corporation & Alliance Logistics (Jump Freighter Services)

✦ Opportunity To Be Apart Of The Game Changing Battles Of EVE

✦ Great Community Of People

✦ People First & Foremost

Why Choose Us ?

✦ Drama Not Tolerated

✦ Content Rich Region Of Space

✦ Experienced Alliance & Coalition Leadership

✦ Experienced & Helpful Members Who Love PVP

✦ We can find something for you

✦ Opportunity To Be Apart of Growing A Brand New Name
✦ Opportunity For Corporation Leadership Roles (FC etc)


✦ Maturity & Respect

✦ Teamwork

✦ Voice Communications ( Discord, Mumble)

✦ USTZ or EUTZ ( Would consider other Time zones)

✦ Willingness to learn & Adapt

✦ New Players must understand dangers of Nullsec, but great risk brings great reward.

In Game Recruitment Channel : Flaming Fist Rising Public

Apply Today
or join the public chat if you have any questions

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ICON Libertas would love to have you! We are part of Fraternity. , a top alliance in the game with some of the best FCs in the game.

  • Play in null. Make ISK (lots of ISK!). PvP with the best FCs and in a top Eve alliance.
  • We play the game to win – but we never forget it is a game. A game should be fun, not a job. Return to your roots and enjoy logging in. Play the game, don’t let the game play you.
  • We will give you room to breathe. Room to play. Room to learn. Room to make friends. Room to get rich. And plenty of opportunities to watch exploding ships and enemy tears before flying home in fine formation with your battle buddies.
  • Whether an experienced PvPer, new to fleeting, industrialist, miner, ratter, expert at insulting banter, or any combination, we want to talk with you.

Contact Arrowspeeed Bounty in game or come to ICON_Public

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Established Team Oriented Corp in Fountain looking for US time zone players, who are tired of playing in HiSec, LoSec, or bad Null Sec areas. No screamers for leaders, we believe - If your not having fun, then your in the wrong corp!

Returning players most definitely welcomed!

We want you if you can meet the following:

*Must have a 10 Mil in SP. Omega character.
*Can talk on Mumble
*Can take directions.
*Want to have fun.
*No drama queens!

We offer:

✠ Industrial Mining
✠ Manufacturing (to include capitals)
✠ Level 5 Null Sec Industry and Military
✠ Corp Buyback Program
✠ Boosted Mining Ops
✠ Discord/Mumble voice comms
✠ Friendly Group of Players
✠ Corp Mining Days (for your pocket) & Moon Mining
✠ Great PVE/PVP Content
✠ Small PVP Fleets
✠ SRP Available on Fleets
✠ Doctrine Fits Available

For more information contact Sirxamoc in game or Discord SirxAmoc#3933
:airplane: into our Recruitment Channel to find out more. FAYN.Recruits or https://www.fayn.tk/

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Bruh. Come check out Capsuleer Outfitters.
We are all over 25. Core group comes from military background. As long as you have thick skin and like to f around we are an awesome group of guys.
We have sov in Vale. Pvp fleets pretty much every night and systems to krab if you so choose.
IRL always comes first.

Check out our add and feel free too drop by out public channel or discord.

Look forward to seeing you!

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