17th Abyssal Legion looking for alliance


17th Abyssal Legion

Corporation looking for not war eligible alliance!
High sec, low sec or sovless 0.0

We are a corp of a few friends that have been playing for over 10 years.
Running abyss sites and joining NPSI fleets.
Ideal alliance would be one doing/joining NPSI fleets, and a good amount of active people.
Other activities we can adapt to.

EU TZ / English speaking

•PvP * PvE * EU / early US TZ
•love for explosions
•Laid back attitude * Active group

  • Can offer a community discord server if wanted

Interested? Join our discord :
Or join our ingame channel :
Shadow Tavern

Ingame Contact: Lord Surtr

Looking for an alliance free of structure warfare, area of operations can be anywhere.

Low / High / NPC 0.0, all in the cards …

Hi there! I am Titan Creno from Outer Hell Alliance! We are not war eligible and we have operations in all areas of Space! We have no CTA’s, no ESI checks, and no alliance taxes/dues! We speak multiple languages including English, German, Romanian, Russian, and Chinese! Feel free to send me a mail ingame for more details or to join! Have a great day!

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