180b WTS Revenant BPC in JITA

WTS Revenant BPC, been collecting dust for too long and needs a new home.

Received 3 in-game offers, the highest was 175b.


The last one left

The first one was sold for 180b, and the second highest bid is 175b.

The buyer of 175b withdrew his bid, and the current highest bid is 165B.


The current highest bid is 165b.
I think if you offer 166b, I can understand it. 150b is really incomprehensible to me.

170B, if possible, please sign a contract with me

When can you complete the contract?

165b pay by plex in jita 4-4

The price of the new version may increase because of the increased uncertainty.

last offer 168b pay by plex (split jita)for next 48h

35000 plex

32000plex,sell will be 173b buy 163b,split 168b last offer for 24 hours

34000 plex

plex, hard to sell

32500 contract to char:Rabbirabb1 TUTU in jita 4-4

This price is too low my firend~

its nice price plex will still increase at this moment

Still looking for a good offer

150b i can accept the contract immediately