181st Legion - Hi Sec Wars

181st Legion is looking to potentially add a few more members.

We function as two independent corporations within the same alliance. 181st is our pvp purist corp, We work hard to keep our kb green and growing. All of our main combat toons are here. Our alternate corp is for everything else (Logi/bashers/bait/links/gankers/support etc). Both corps are used almost equally and you are free to move toons across them as you see fit.

Who we are looking for:
-We want people who are going to play and enjoy the game in a similar manner to ourselves. We are very laid back but also want to compete at the highest levels possible whenever we are playing. All of us have bare minimum 3 accounts with many more trained/useable characters. We are all long time eve veterans with weekly exposure to small gang fights, large bashes and frequent ganking (via alt corp). We have worked hard to get our kb to 98% and would like to keep it that way. For consideration we are looking for those with 2+ accounts minimum, 500+ kills @ >80% efficiency and enough SP that you can hop in any ship needed. We aren’t looking to train anyone at this point, just plug-n-play killers.

-As always everyone is free to do w/e they want wherever they want, as long as you’re an efficient killer i don’t care.
-Activity level doesn’t matter to us.
-You keep what you kill always, or split it amongst those directly involved. No corp cuts or taxes.
-Most of us live in Amarr but free to live wherever you want
-We operate as a group of friends not a hierarchy, so feel free to speak up and suggest stuff. Ask for any wars you want and we’ll get them in.
-Standing In-Corp Contracts on specific targets, kill types and certain structures.
-We often deploy to small pockets of systems away from hubs to try and pick fights for a few weeks.

Current Projects:
Clear out 75% of structures within 7jumps of Amarr. Turns out this is a lot more than we ever expected…That said we don’t ever expect anyone to shoot structures if they don’t want to. This is just something we casually do throughout the week to make money at this point. Some of our best fights have been from locals banding together to save random low power citadels. As long as it keeps making isk and bringing fights we’ll probably keep doing it.

Hell Dawn is a great laid back pvp alliance with a lot of good people. If you don’t think you are a fit for us please consider one of the other corps within ally.

For more information please contact any of the following in game:
Blood Company - Mc Iovin - Asioda

The opportunity to awox the Mc Lovins you’ve always dreamed about

bump - join and get a chance to dunk me

Still Considering all spies, awoxers and those generally unlikeable.

Looking for love in the quarantine

Quick before the lockdown is over and we gotta go back to work

Last call. Can’t be bothered with forums all the time. Recruitment still in consideration even though I won’t be posting here anymore

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