18m SP Gallente Drone/Missile pilot

Im auctioning my 18 mill SP character i have built for Gallente Stealth Bomber and Battleship piloting with Drones and Missiles in focus.

Password: 1234

Auction starts now and will run for a day or two.

S/B - 15b
B/O - 20b

SP: 17,992,345

Most notable skills listed below (character has other V skills aswell)

Gallente BS V
Gallente Frigate V

Drones V
Heavy Drone V
Sentry Drone Interfacing V

Cloaking IV

Heavy Missiles V
Torpedoes V

ill go 20mil as you want as bo :grinning:

to be serious 12b

Ill go 12.5b buy out

Oh god… yeah i meant billions! Thanks xD

Lets get some more offers in here!

Saturday morning pickups!

13.5B B/O

Up to the top!

20b, transfer now, thank you

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Hey sorry was at work! Can do transfer now or tomorrow!

Aiko. You can send the ISK whenever. I gotta go to sleep now but ill transfer the character tomorrow at work when i see the ISK.

Still for sale?

Well Aiko offered 20b B/O price but its been two days. Really need the ching ching… dont care to wait too much longer for an answer. What ya offering?

Still interested?

18 bil

When can you trade? Getting abit annoyed with these no reply offers :smiley:

I’ll do 14 right now

17.00 ET I will be able to transfer ISK

Okey. I can start the transfer tomorrow after family christmas celebration., so you can send over the ISK and we do the trade!

transferred ISK for your character. sent data of the account by mail