192m sp returning pilot looking for a new home

I just got back into the game after a 2 year break.

I’m looking for a PvP corp, preferably in or getting into Sov Null. I don’t want to sit in a blue donut fighting over nothing, but I don’t mind alliances/blues. My main requirement is that we have a goal that we’re working towards, or an enemy we’re fighting, and that we’re not just sitting around doing nothing important.

I can fly nearly every subcap except for some of the new ones, and every dread (Amarr is V) and most carriers. I have nearly perfect Leadership (only missing spacial phenomena). I have a logistics alt (FAX & Logistics V), a Dread alt training into supers, and a JF alt, among others.

I spent my last few years in Panic Stations. in lowsec, and I played a significant part in getting the Panic Attack. alliance off the ground. After flying with them for a while, I moved on to VWUT for a bit, then I took a break from the game for personal reasons. I have experience in alliance leadership, limited FC experience, and I’m experienced in small gang through capital pvp (I’ve flown supercarriers & titans, but I never did much with them).

I mostly fly around EU/US TZ, but I have a flexible work schedule.

Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/1630765287/



I’m CEO of The Dark Vanguard, and aggressive EUTZ PvP Corp based on Triumvirate. We fly high SP doctrines, fight out numbered and generally find fun engagements, and aggressively use caps.

Poke me in game or join our discord: https://discord.gg/cj5eKjE

Check out your ingame mail :smiley:

Sent you mail in game.

Hope to hear back from you.



and welcome back.
How would you like the sound of living with blues but content on your doorstep?
Not in a getting evicted or evicting kinda narrative, but fan fights with capital escalations etc?

I am representing No.Mercy of Triumvirate. alliance who is a part of PanFam coalition.
We have a good amount of some nice space in the drone region, and close to lowsec space and good infrastructure with all the necessary services needed.

We are looking for more PVP hungry pilots who are able to field multiple characters into battle and have no hesitations undocking the big ships.

No.Mercy is an aggressive PVP focused corporation, that treats its members like family and have 0 interest in ■■■■■■■■ drama.

Reach out ingame for me and/or join our public channel no.mercy pub

Hey H0ANG,

Glad to see a vet returning to the game, what brought you back?

Short Bus Ballaz is recruiting and is always looking for outgoing PVPers to add to our ranks. We, as a part of NC., have the option to participate in any facet of the game. Whether dropping bombers/dreads in delve to running massive deployment ops in random timezone.

We are a corp that has flown together with some of our members for the better part of two years and enjoying every bit of it. Closing in on 7trillion isk on the killboard in that short time. We value loyalty and participation on every level. If you want to call a derp fleet comp, do it. If you want to have some corp small gang go out and shoot random people in LS, do it.

Here I’ll link our recruitment ad for some more general info and a discord link.

Cheers and happy holidays,
Milli o7

Intrested in wormholes?.
We kill anyone, everyone is frienemies ish.
Let me know if intrested :blush:

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