197M -155 + 42 M unallocated- sp pvp god with clean corp history

Hey there.
I’m thinking about selling this precious toon I’ve been keeping for a while now.
How much wuld you offer for it ?

Wallet balance positive
No kill rights
Multiple jump clones, one with full improved implants, one with full set of hygh grade crystal (incl. omega)
Character location in Jita

I might sell it if the price is right.

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116bil offer

120B offer

121 b

125 B

I could probably do 130B? You just doing a price check or are you really wanting to sell?

131 B


Eve mail sent - no response

Are you still interested in my offer ?

Would like to do business

email me with what you want for this toon please

Email me too

email me too, or write there

154 billion

152 b offer


155 billion B/O

Can give 155 billion today if your interested, if not good luck with sale