198M -156 + 42 M unallocated- sp pvp god with clean corp history

Can you give some detail on what you are looking for? What does your dream offer look like? I think several people may be holding off on bidding due to the lack of direction.

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Are you really selling?at least you ahould respond

Offer revoked - no response

160 B/O

I’ll sell if the price is right.
I do believe this is one of a kind character, so I’m waiting for the right offer.

I have no B/O in mind, eventually someone will surely make an offer that will convice me to sell, that’s all.
I’ve gotten quite a bit of ingame bids, if that stops I’ll probably come up with a B/O myself, but for now I’m just letting things go along to see what kind of bids people offer me.

Like everything in life, what is rare can go to really high prices, so I’m in NO hurry to take a B/O.

If you feel frustrated your current bid hasnt been accepted, then you’re probably not the person this one-of-a-kind toon is for.

While I do think this character is more valuable than your average 197M SP character, don’t fall into the trap this guy did…

Turning down 195B bids to eventually accept 95B 1.5 years later.

Your unallocated SP is valuable, but not really that much more valuable than just buying a 200M SP character.

I would say this is worth at least 200B though. Obviously value is subjective so you can hold out for as long as you wish, but I just hope I don’t see this getting bumped in 2024 lol.

Good luck with the sale!

You really should just share the price you want so people don’t keep guessing and thinking you are not really interested in selling. There are plenty of people with the isk to close the deal that just need some direction.

Unallocated SP when you’ve already got 155mil is really not as valuable as a lower SP character that has yet to be specialised.

The price you’ve been offered is better than average. I’d try push to 170/175b if you’re patient

I’m sure it can reach close to 200 B, I’ll consider a direct sell when we are getting into this price range.
I already got 2 170 B offers ingame, proof that there is still room for the richer man to outbid the other.

Of course if no one gets to that price range in a couple weeks I’ll probably have to lower my expectations, but we are far from that point as of right now.

Thanks for your interest in the toon in any case

I might add that the toon comes with a clean corp history, close to clean killboard, tons of ingame advantages like high grade crystals jump clone … things that are all the more valuable, and actually kind of “priceless”.
That’s why I want to try to reach the 200 B point, I do believe that’s worth it to someone.

Thanks for the heads up, but in no way do I have MONTHS to pursue a sell. I’m patient as in weeks patient, not months / years.

clean corp history - this is irrelevant since they implemented character transfer dates being part of ingame employment history. Can’t pretend its originally yours anyway.

Well I sure would value a clean corp history toon when buying one, and I can’t be the only one.
In any case, you’re not wrong either, it doesnt actually matter apart of some kind of cosmetic purist thing, a kind of guilty pleasure of truly being the first one using a toon.
It can help immersion, you see ?

Anyway back to the sell.

170 B offer is leading
Reserve is set at 200B for now.
If someone can offer reserve, the sale will end within a week if no better offer is made.


hit me up ingame


Thanks you’re leading


190bil go?

My reserve to initiate the end of auction is 200B.
You’re leading with 190, the auction will end in any case from the end of july to mid-august as we’re getting close to prices I consider worth selling this toon to.