Sold please delete

I am for sale.
All CCP rules apply.

Wallet balance : Positive.
Kill rights : No.
Character location : Jita in NPC Corp - just left the corp so skill board shows otherwise but should update soon
Sec Status: 0.0
1 Remaps

Starting bid: 20B

I pay for transfer fee.

20b offer

21b is my offer

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22b …

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Thanks for the bids.

At 17:00 Uk time zone I will accept the highest bid.

Due to being at work til then.


Two things

I won’t accept in game offers please only o here to keep it offical

Not sure why it shows skill thingy that she’s not in a NPC station so I screen shot it to prove she is or look her up in game.


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23b offer accepted from Araunot Everchosen

Please Send isk and mail me in-game for account transfer information.

17:00 UK time?

that’s right now

So far Everchosen hasn’t responded and it also bidding on other characters.

Im at work and unable to transfer funds. For the next 4-5 hours. Do with this information what you will. Confirmed thats Funds exist for both prices at once.


No problem if noone matches your bid of 23 bill before your able to confirm the purchase and send isk then i will await your contact.

To summarise

I will accept a B/O offer of 23 billion in the time it takes you confirm the purchase and sending of Isk.

Isk and EveMail sent.

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Hi is you account detail with the . at the end or without?

Transfer has been completed and isk is received. Thank you and enjoy!

Thanks for confirming the account details

ISK Received

Character transfer process paid for and completed.

Confirmed process is underway. Pleasure doing buisness.

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Please close thread once confirmed receipt of char

thanks dude

Character received thread can be closed.

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