-- SOLD --

I am for sale!

pw: 0000

  • T2 Industrial Core
  • Cap Industrial Ships V
  • JDC IV
  • Bonus Cap Line Production Slots

No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet Balance
Located in Jita 4-4

I will pay the transfer in $.

Bid starts at 27b
Buyout offers accepted

i will offer 25 bil

27b and I’ll do it as a buyout for you, can start the transfer immediately.

i will do 27bil but i wont be avaible untill friday to send isk… if that is not a problem. we have a deal.

Sure thing, I can wait until Friday. When you transfer the isk, eve mail the account you’d like it transferred to and I’ll go ahead and do the transfer for you.

cool than we have a deal.

27bil transferred friday. you will pay for transfer with rl money.

Yep, faster that way from what I understand

much appreciated

You seem to be still in a corp. please leave and be in npc corp

The toon is in Royal Amarr Institute (NPC Corp). ESI seems to be lagged out therefore not refreshing external sites/apps correctly, but you can confirm in game that the character dropped corp yesterday. If you like I can send a screenshot in 7-ish hours, when I get home.

if you say it is in npc corp, i trust you

heeey, i will be online around 18.00 eve time. transfer the isk than.

No worries. I’m AUTZ so will be asleep at that point, but will log on before I leave for work and do the transfer if the isk has been transferred then

Isk and account name send

Isk received. The account (corrected account as per the Eve Mail you sent) has too many characters. I’ll need an account that doesn’t have 3 characters on it to be able to transfer the character.

5.5 hours account will be able to delete. but i will be asleep when the timer runs out.
you okay with waiting a bit longer ??

i will delete the a character first thing in the morning

Sure thing, it’s no problem for me at all. Let me know when the account is ready to send the character to it.

thanks man. i have set an alarm so i will be awake when the timer is up. will be around 6.5 hours from this post.

i will post here when deleted

No worries at all. I’m at work right now but only for 5-ish hours today, so should be able to do the transfer immediately when you send the details through.

it has been done, you can transfer now :smiley: