SOLD and 5 characters cause reasons ;)

(Kaka Ceci) #1

Not really into running missions and got ample of toons to do what I am doing, so as a result it is time for this one to find an better place to be.

Currently located 9ish jumps from Jita in continuous highsec. Positive sec station (0.4), no killrights or other nonsense and a short corp history. Naturally put her in an npc corp and informed old corp of my intentions.

Has the standings to run lvl 4 with SOE, but thanks to her social skill getting her ready for any other corp should not take much time at all.

Comes with a set of +4 implants for what it is worth :wink: and has 3 remaps available with one right now. Main clone atm is in the npc highsec station she is in with an other in a high sec freeport in the same system, that clone is implant less.

Starting bid: 8bil
BO: 12

(Surge Loth) #2

@Kaka_Ceci I’ll do 8 Billion isk, ready to go.

(Rookuza Ambraelle) #3

8.1 bil ready :smile:

(Intriguing Stranger) #4

10 bil :stuck_out_tongue:

(Anzenix) #5

10.1 Billion :slight_smile:

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #6

10.5 bil

(Surge Loth) #7

10.6 Billion

(Texas Hold'em) #8

11b buyout - good for 12 hours or until I find a better deal.

(Kaka Ceci) #9

Up she goes

(Kaka Ceci) #10

An other doink.

(necocat Meow) #11

11.5 first and final.

(Kaka Ceci) #12

@necocat_Meow I accept your 11.5 BO

(necocat Meow) #13

Ill be home in 1.5hrs, will send isk and acc then:) sorry for delay, even I sleep.

(Kaka Ceci) #14

@necocat_Meow I know that feeling, I be heading for my own bed, but if I get a chance in the busy morning and the data and isk is there I start the transfer.

(necocat Meow) #15

sent isk and acc deets

(Kaka Ceci) #16

recieved, transfer will be started in a few minutes.

(system) #17

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