I’m for sale.

Located in Jita 4-4, positive sec status, positive wallet, no kill rights.

I don’t think anyone will give you a dollar for this, even 70 mil so toons are selling at prices so low it’s criminal.


I am in work, offer You 3b for the character (can sent the isk in some hours)

I’ll accept that. Send whenever you can, along with account details. Thank you.

Ok, i answer here inwhen i sent the isk and account name.

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Isk and account sent.

Sounds good. Give me a bit to get home and I’ll get her underway.

You just making SP farms out of them, or could you use, say, 7x capital production alts? Would be willing to let go of them for 4B each. Ranging from 5M - 6.5m SP

@aaron_night I am using them for Trading in different regions. (need work in them) i can use some capital production alts too if have decent name. Send me by pm or here a list of the names.

I answer in that Thread, interested in one .

Transfer underway. Fly safe. o7

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