(Leia Stormwind) #1

Not much to say.
I am up for sale!

Positive Status, In High Sec, Positive Wallter. 2 bonus remaps.
5.9 mil SP
I am paying for the transfer of character.

(Gozinya) #2

I offer 5b

(Leia Stormwind) #3

I agree. Please send isk and account name on eve mail. Please be advised that for next 11 to 12 hours I will be working and ccp site is not allowed to be visited from the office. I will start transfer afterwards.
Thank you for your understanding

(Gozinya) #4

Sorry, withdrawn.

(Era Romeo) #5

Standing pls

(Leia Stormwind) #6

Neutral standings. Did like one only Lvl 1 mission.
Security is also only 0.5

(Leia Stormwind) #7

Bumpski. Would like to get rid of her

(Jacuro) #8

2.5 BIL

(you-wang you-wang zen) #9

I would like 3 please. Can you look deep into your pockets sir?

(Skir Melkan) #10

Ill do 3B

(Leia Stormwind) #11

Then pls sent acc name to eve mail and isk . I will pay for transfer.

(Skir Melkan) #12

isk and info sent

(Leia Stormwind) #13

Isk received but email I don’t see. Also I am at work and just realized I cannot transfer isk to main from mobile, so would you mind waiting extra 8 hours please?

(Leia Stormwind) #14

Account rrceived. Initiating transfer. Sold

(system) #15

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