Selling 84 m sp

I am kind looking to sell my toon. Check out my girl

I just moved her into npc corp.

Positive sec.status , no jump clones available, empty wallet.

60 bil is the price I want, she worth it. Ping me here or in game

60 bil.


62 bil.

63 bil

64 bil.

wow, that’s even more than I expected. I ll take 64 bil. It would be convenient for me if you send isk and information to my alt: Toxic Turbulence

I’ll send them along now.

Just FYI - note that you should send the ISK to the toon you’re buying. That’s what the bazaar rules require.

That’s what I did.

Cool. I saw the post from OP saying that he would like you to send the ISK to another toon, just wanted to make sure you don’t accidentally do it.


not yet

just reading back it says they have already sent you the isk?

to you Nikki VanSaar the char being sold as per ccp rules

I got nothing and I asked isk to be sent to my alt

the isk has to go to the char being sold as per the rules then you can forward it on from there.

i will hold off making an offer as you have a buyer saying they have sent the isk and a seller saying they have not.

as you wish

update skills?
says expired


Just to be clear - you accepted the offer and the isk was sent hours ago to the character being sold, so if there’s still a problem then perhaps you can clarify what the problem is?