Canceling sale

canceling sale

Hi, still for sale ?

yes, still for sale

In game mail/offer sent

2b ready

in game offer by Warika accepted, please send isk and info and ill start transfer

If he hasn’t sent the isk and this offer is still pending. I can go 2.5B

Bump up

2.6 Bill

Bump up

2.7 bil

Ready now

Accepted at 2.7 bill send isk and info and ill start transfer

K I’ll send isk TN lemme finish this other char transfer first

Where do I send evemail/isk

Read the bazaar rules.

You are requried to send it to the character being sold. If anyone tells you other wise that is a bad idea.

i was also confused by this so the isk gets sent to the char being sold (say me) then i can transfer that isk to my other toon after say this char has been sold? ive looked at the rules also i must have missed something been a longtime since i was online :stuck_out_tongue:

Correct, isk and account info go to the character being sold. You then transfer said isk to one of your alts to keep . If you use plex transfer, you’d use that isk to buy the plex, and send the remaining to your alt.

If you forget to send the isk off the character before its transferred, open a ticket and GMs will get it back for you

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K my bad

hi, if hasnt sold ill offer 2.7…

edited: never mind saw its sold sorry