15M Ishtar/orca

15M sp Ishtar/orca
4.4 sec status
1.3B net worth
0 Bal wallet
NPC corp
2 Re-maps

7 Bill obo

6b offer :slight_smile:

Can send isk now <3

6.5 ?

I can do that, Who do i send isk to?

@Arcanier send the Isk to the character being sold, and you’ll need to evemail them your account to send the character to.

so that would be to Bilboe Swaggins, yes?

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Please could you confirm that the isk has been sent?

I need to log my alts, give me a moment please

No problem, https://i.imgur.com/smWOd5r.png

Prove of isk sent, will send evemail of account the toon is to be sent to.

How do i transfer the information?

Only thing you need to do now is confirm that you’ve recieved the isk, then go onto the account management site and initiate the transfer.

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yep as said above.



to verify, the account receiving the transfer is Arcanier?

If possible, add me on discord so I can get proof of transfer etc. Nothing against you personally, just to put my mind at ease

Discord: Arcanier#2856

Yes, it will be me recieving the character after transfer is complete

transfer initiated

If you are still selling I can do the 7b just realized you started the transfer already