14mil sp char

just got bk to eve and i had this char i didnt remmember, so i would like to see what it could sell for?

throw me an offer if u can use.


I can offer 5.4B

5.5b b/o can send isk immediately after acceptance.

i got a 6bil offer so far

6.25b b/o good for today.

u can throw 7b after me and its urs

6.25 is gonna be it, that sec status is going to be pricey to repair…

well tbh ur gonna make isk on fixing it hehe

happy to discuss in game

throw me a pb then

just tried, hit me up when you’re online.

I can do 6.6

6.5b b/o

ill take 7b if any of u guys wonna do that

if we do it now ok 7 it is.

deal how does it works these days? u send isk and info in a mail?


Yup, Isk and account info sent.

well ok kinda gotta go with the highest bid

ok send the isk back.