Char sold

I am for sale
Offers please starting at 9bill
Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones active
1 annual and 2 bonus skill remaps
Quick transfer
in Jita
Mining implant
Focused skills for mining pw 0011

9bil buyout, isk ready now

Thank you for offer, I will wait 24 hours to see what other bids come in
I didn’t set buyout sorry

No worries, bid might be gone in 24 hours though, just FYI if I find another character before then.

I understand, good luck with your char shopping


9.6bil here


10 Billions of ISK

It has been 24 hours open for bidding I am going to close bidding and accept highest offer in 3 hours at 20.30 eve time today
I will be available for immediate transfer to highest bidder
thank you

It’s been 3 hours, just want to verify I win before I send the ISK.

hello sorry late back from work. Yes you win. please email me details in game and I will sort out before I log out for the night

ISK and account information has been sent

isk and account name received
transfer complete
thank you

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Confirming I got the transfer notification. Thank you.

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