• auction will run for 48 hours
  • auction by ccp rules
  • I reserve the right to cancel at any time.
  • Wallet balance will be 0isk when sale is complete
  • no kill rights
  • located in Jita
  • no Jump Clones

minimum bid is 10bil
bid increments of 100mil

11B ISK ready

If you can transfer to day, I offer 12B

I have a providence on this char, would you like to pay to include it as well? If that is allowed.

also have 2 ore expanded cargoholds

Sorry, I dont need… I have one already…

10b buyout isk ready … only for the next 2 hrs

you still want the character though?

yes plz

Ok then let me transfer assets to another alt and we can begin transfer. 12b buyout accepted @SpankM3

Which character should I transfer ISK to?

isk is always sent to the character being bought. :grinning:

send isk and account name to chevjumper

isk send plz see in game mail

plz send to the account I gave to you on the in game mail.

Thank you.

isk received and transfer complete.


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