Located in HS, NPC corp.
Positive wallet
No kill rights
2 x remaps
Lots of skill books injected

Bidding starts at 6 b.
Buyout 9 b.

6B to pay now

Thanks for the bid, but i ll wait a bit longer.


I would pay 6 billion as well.

7.5b b/o

8б Б/о

Tomorrow I will sell to the highest bid.
I see 7.5 b. and perhaps 8, but I am not sure about that bid.

Already bought a character.Sori

Ok, very good.
For now Luckwako has the higest bid.
I ll check in later for you if you still want my char.

8.1b b/o

I see Zoeiee has the final bid.
You can send the isk and mail for transfer.

8.3b isk ready

Well, seems you have the highest bid since i didnt hear from Zoeiee.

If you transfer the isk and mail for transfer infom its your’s.

can send the isk now

Very good, i ll transfer if the isk and transfer thingy is mailed


6billion isk ready

Ehh wut?

Auto correct went crazy sry