10 days to Exhumer 5

  • T2 Light drones
  • T2 Strip miners

Positive wallet, located in highsec (Amarr) and i will pay for the transfer.

BO: 5,5bil

Bump, the sp is going up everyday.

Bump, bo added.


I will take good care of her.:脸红:


Thanks for the bids, but they are abit low.

I can let the character go for 5.5bil.

5.6bil It’s my highest bid.
I like it very much

I will accept 5.6bil, i am currently at work and i can start the transfer when i come home.

Feel free to send me the accountname and the isk and ill start the transfer when i come home.

Edit: I am home now, so i can start the transfer.

Bump, still havent heard anything from the buyer.

If anyone else wants the character for 5.6bil let me know :slight_smile:

Bump, i will sell the character for 5.5bil.

Bump, updated the SP. Still 5.5 bil BO.

Is this char still available and are you active today? I’m ingame on this char today so please contact when you’re around.

Yes its still available, bo is 5.5 bil and i will be at the computer for a while now, so please respond here if you are interested.

Still up for sale, 5.5bil.

i’ll take for 5.5b


Please send me the account name and the isk, and i will start the transfer!

sorry just won another character i prefer.

Alright, so the character is still for sale.

Bump, still for sale. 5.5bil is the buyout.