I am for sale, 4.5bn starting bid, once a valid bid is received then auction will end max 24 hours later.

Positive wallet, 0.0 security status, full set of implants, in Jita (hi sec), no kill rights, no jump clones

Massively trading focussed, perfect alt for maximising trading profit

3bil missing standings

Short by a long way sorry

5 bil

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Great, 24 hours to go from now, 6bn buyout

Hi, ready to BO your char at 5.5B

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Will wait until auction ends in about 12 hours from now, highest bidder will win (unless 6bn buyout is triggered)

One hour left, then sold to highest bidder

Deal at 5.5bn, please send ISK and account info

The 5.5bn bidder pulled out so you won the auction with your 5bn bid

Sorry for late replay !
I though he would buy it so I bought another one.
So sorry about that.

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Still for sale, I have no idea where bidders are finding other characters to buy after bidding on this one who are trading focussed as there have been no others in the forum activity!

Daily bump

Daily bump

Reduced 4.5bn start, 5.5bn buyout!

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Bump, reduced to 4.75bn buyout


3 bil.