Holding Alt - Sp farm

Located in Jita
No Kill rights
1 training clone - full set +5 Learning + T2 Mining Mindlink
Positive wallet
1 remap available

Stokrai Skill & Standings Sheet (

Buyout @ 5.5 bil


Just waking up, must have missed you.

3 bil o7

Thank you for the offer. You are currently top bid.

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3.5 billion

4 bil o7

4bil top offer. Will remain open until this time tomorrow.

4.04 bil

If you can come up to 4.5bil I would take it as a real bid. Otherwise a 40mil increase is much like the old jita .1 isk changes…

I will be off in the next 48h minimum so can you please make you decision sooner (next 2h)
My final offer 4.1 bil

Apologies I got caught up at work later then expected.

Can you do 4.5? If so it is yours.

Sorry the offer stands at 4.1 bil
I think its a fair price o7

Unfortunately we are still to far apart. This will remain open. Thank you for your interest.

offer retracted o7

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Hello, I offer 4 bil

You are curerntly top bid.

Offer 4.5 bil if you can end this bid now and start character transfer
Please respond fast ty o7


4.7bil is top offer currently. Buyout lowered to 5bil.