Sold , please close

Looking to sell off and old toon i dont use anymore


no kill rights
positive wallet
high sec
2 clones {+4s, empty}
remap available, plus 3 bonus remaps
50,000 unallocated

starting bid: 50 bil
buyout: something that blows my skirt up :eyes:

ill do 50b

51 bil

51.5 b

52 bil

52.5 b

53 bil

54 bil

55 bil

55.5 bil

56 bil

thank you for the interest in this toon,.


to the top

56.5 Bil

up please

58B is the best I can do. Valid 24 Hours

Offer no longer valid, withdrawn along with my previous offer.

feeling the breeze

oh nooo, whatever am i gonna do…

oh, and bumpski