Relisting as this thread is a mess.

45 bil

46 bil

47 bil

Bids, Duly noted thread will be closed and character deemed sold in 24hrs from now. Buyout changed to reflect current bidding.


Sold to @Gattanera . Send ISK and account info to me.

@Gattanera Please resend acct info accidentally deleted whilst cleaning up mail.

Just raised a support ticket as i’m getting errors to contact support regarding the transfer. Will get back to you ASAP.


If I get no response within the next 12hrs from support regarding my ticket I will return the ISK and just strip the toon myself. Apologies for the delay.

Thanks for your patience

@Gattanera ISK Returned due to no reply from CCP regarding the transfer. Sorry for the inconvenience. Could raise a ticket for a Plex transfer. Ill allow you to decide whats next.

40b isk ready right now

@Gattanera Issue has been resolved by a GM character is now eligible for transfer resend isk if you’re still interested.

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