Closed - SOLD

Almost all subcap PVP and support skills to level 5.
no clones
Positive ISK
1 kill right active on me
NPC corp

130b buy out
115b start bid

120 bil

Thanks for the opening offer, buyout changed will close in 3 days.

Received 125b/o offer in game and will accept, Told to post here for confirmation. Until he does still for sale.

revised bid 128 bil

@Gattanera 130 and its yours, Current extraction value is 128.7 + transfer.

No response from any of the intesrested parties so bump before work.

I’m good for my 128b

@Gattanera Send ISK and Account info to me.

Back up for sale as buyer didn’t send ISK.

I will send in a few hours once I have access to my PC, but feel free to run the auction on if you want.

I replied to your in game mail last night and got no response, Assumed you were not interested anymore, I will be online and AFK most of the day send the isk and account info when you can and I will start the transfer process. Until then it will remain open.

Sorry, was asleep already. Will be online in the next 1-2 hours

Okay I will be on waiting

ISK and acc info sent

Character transfer initiated. Thanks

Transfer e-mail received with thanks!

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