all rules of cpp applied

Positive wallet
2x respec available.
Comes with full set of standard learning implants and more(the following does not show up in skillboard)

  • AP-606
  • AQ-706
  • AR-806
  • SV-905
  • Ey-1005

Comes with 2.5bil of assets that I can’t be bothered to move around.
Start bid at 22bil
B/o 25b

23b ready

Ty for the offer. I will wait 2 days. If no better offer, i will accept.

Offer retracted. I cannot justify 23b for standings + implants + gunnery skills that I will not be using. Sorry.

bumped. Updated start bid and b/o

i am stepping up with an offer of 22B then :smiley:

Ty for the offer. Again. I will wait 2 days :slight_smile:

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1 more day and I will accept.

I accept your offer since 2 days have passed. Please send isk to this character and let me know where to transfer to.

sended ISK and message :smiley:

Isk received. Initiated transfer. It will take about a day until you can login. Enjoy

Char received. TY

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