Character SOLD

+5 Training and Research Clone

Positive Wallet
0.00 sec status
Good starting skills in Gunnery, Engineering, Science, Trade
Amarr Dread Skills injected

Edit: 0.0 Standings will ALL npc factions

Start Bidding at 6b

6.0 b

6.5 b

6.6 b

6 850 000 000

Edit to add: Bid conditional upon the character being highsec legal in all four empires (i.e. sec status -1.999 or better; faction to player status -4.999 or better for all factions)

Initial post edited:
All NPC standings are 0.0

6,850,000,000 offer will be accepted if i don’t receive any better offers by the end of the day.

7.1 b

7 200 000 000

Edit: This is a good faith offer but I may have difficulties transacting in the next 30 hours. Have IRL plans.

7.3 b

Also the eveboard has not updated and shows 33m SP. This needs to be fixed or a buy can have the transfer reversed due to misleading information.

8B B/O

8b B/o Accepted
Send isk and account name in mail to begin transfer

will do once servers are back up(downtime)

FYI eveboard is bugged, this character has never had 33m sp just so you’re aware.
it only has the advertised SP. It’s mirroring another character on this account for whatever reason.

does that mean the injected skills are also false?

eveboard issue should be resolved now, re-check the link to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

yeah buyout still valid for 8b lets make a deal?

yup, 8b b/o accepted. will initialize transfer when i receive the mail

isk and account name sent. awaiting transfer

Transfer Initiated. Been a pleasure!

mail received ty for a smooth transfer