I am for sale
mostly pvp oriented but also marauder skills

Wallet- Positive
Location- jita
Corp- NPC
No Kill Rights
Has jump clones in high sec
Start bid 68 bil
Buyout 90 bil. Please make an offer



50B ready now

Thank you for the offer but looking for more


52B isk here

thank you for the bid but is too low, the skills in extractors alone are 64 bil worth so i am only looking at offers above

hellsjoch I’ll do 64 if you change your mind.

thank you for the bid

hello i changed my mind ill take you up on the offer of 64 bil

bump seems im still for sale

I’ll give you 64 bill
Online now isk ready

Actually I’ll give the bid 68bil
Online now, isk ready,
Need and alt not stripping toon

allright ill accept the bid

awaiting isk and account info for transfer

account info and isk sent

sent char to account, have fun, im happy you have use for him

toon received. thanks again
close thread

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